A public market is a carefully crafted, intentional, year-round collection of owner-operated shops, stalls and or day tables. The first ever public market in Boise is coming to fulfill a public need by showcasing a community’s unique character and culture while functioning as a supply base for the everyday need.

The First Boise Public Market offers many benefits to the community, including:

New jobs

Public Market is labor intensive. It has proven to be one of the most successful projects in history, turning one single capital aid into permanent and decent jobs. Most public contracts create hundreds of new jobs. Many public-sector employees will become the future business owners of the market. Public-sector employees typically receive much higher wages and enjoy their day much more than typical retail workers.

New business opportunities

The first Public Market in Boise will create dozens of business opportunities. Many of these offer opportunities for providers and families, who are often excluded from the traditional economy, especially for women and minorities.

New tax revenues for local governments

New government tax revenues are often measured in millions of dollars per year. And this public market in Boise would help generate even more tax outlets for the local government.

Increasing and growing consumption of local businesses and agricultural products

The first Boise Public Market aims at promoting rural development by providing a retail store for craft and smallholder businesses. The outdoor outlet would bring fresh, healthy food into the Boise community.

Public Market shows and celebrates what is unique in a community while promoting local control and decision-making

The first Boise Public Market also creates a sense of community, pride, and participation by creating a “common ground” where different age groups, classes, genres, races and ethnic groups meet in a fun and safe environment.

Ethnic meals and festivals, varied music, a wealth of fresh produce and a colorful and lively atmosphere make it easy for people to mix and play while encouraging them to relax.

Provide citizens with fresh, healthy and affordable food

Public markets provide local citizens with fresh, affordable and healthy food, often with a variety of organic foods. This allows everyone who enters to find the types of food they want to enjoy.

Added-Value to the real estate that surrounds the public market

Public markets have a proven history that significantly increases the value of nearby properties and makes them more attractive to the housing estate and the additional retail business. Public markets create a weekly adventure that customers expect, rather than ordinary trips to the mall or supermarket.

Generate significant new tourist traffic

The first Public Market in Boise is designed to meet local needs and present local products. This attracts tourists in large numbers and often extends the stay of existing tourists. Tourists are interested in discovering the authentic local flavor of a particular location, not a Disney version of the local character.