Good question. And the answer to that question is the same when it comes to public markets and eateries.

It’s because of the environment it provides. Public markets and coffee shops are able to cater to a large breath of clientele, especially when it comes to public markets.

Do you want coffee or a healthy snack? Do you want to substantial, healthy meal? The Chow Public Market and Eatery has you covered.

Do you want the best hamburger in Boise? Do you want the local famous Aladdin’s Mediterranean food? Perhaps a casual beer or wine? The Chow Public Market and Eatery has you covered.

No matter what you want — a place to sit down and relax in a comfy sofa, a meal to satisfy almost any craving or a place to get work done, Chow is here to serve those needs and many more.

Discover New Possibilities

Creativity flourishes in environments of controlled chaos. Now, I’m not talking about your three-year-old screaming for another animal cracker while you’re 14-year-old crashes your car. No! That doesn’t do us any good.

Controlled chaos is a little calmer than that. Controlled chaos is when you find yourself in a space that has multiple things going on. Things out of your control but nothing that is distracting from the reason you’re there. Such environments open mind. Don’t take my word for it. There’s a TED talk for that purpose.

Break From the Normal Office “Go, Go, Go”

We are in the era of entrepreneurs and freelancers, and from that has come coffeehouse commuter. The coffee house commuter doesn’t just define the stereotypical Sriracha sauce hipster. It encompasses the individual looking to take a break away from usual scenery of the home office desk and from the workspaces, which allows a more relaxed work environment.

But wherever you fall on the spectrum of the coffeehouse commuter, you’ll find a home at the Chow Public Market and Eatery. We have designed Chow to be your creative getaway and the paramount socializing and relaxing getaway.

Life, in general, and that of your work life can become overwhelming. Chow is designed to give you and your family a break from the monotony of life while still allowing you the chance to be productive (I’m going to give a special call out to our unparalleled, high speed internet).

Sit Down and Eat or Grab and Go

The speed with which you eat should be your choice. And the Chow Public Market and Eatery gives you that flexibility.

Fast food is appealing because it is just that, a quick and easy solution for the busy individual. But “healthy” and “speed of service” are not mutually exclusive events. Chow gives you the high quality food you would expect from your favorite sit down restaurant with the speed you would expect from a grab and go establishment.

You will be able to sit down and enjoy the high quality that is Chow starting May 2018 at the Boise Spectrum 21. Subscribe today (on your right) and follow us on
Facebook till then.